I shoot my podcasts here and the space is perfect for that. There is a dedicated room just for podcasting and the lobby is a perfect green room for my guests as they wait for thier time slot to come up. There are multiple rooms so down the road I’m going to host meetups and workshops here too. If you podcast and want a professional place to have your guests meet you – InaviZion Media is the place! Jesse Mogle, Life Coach

Wonderful space, wonderful owners! Yolando and Donald are inviting and accommodating. It’s great and affordable for up and coming and established creators! Did my table read there and have plans on returning for rehearsals and filming in the future! D. R. Bellard, Director, Actor, Writer


Thank you Inavizion Media for allowing me to host my Table Read here! I absolutely love the creative space and atmosphere! The owners are amazing, the environment is warm and friendly, and the creative ambience is hands down the best I’ve experienced to date! Thank you for your vision and building this space for creatives like myself!! Knajula Edwards, Actress, Writer, Producer
InaviZion Media is a perfect space for casting calls, meetings, and anything entertainment related. The space is comfortable and homey and extremely clean. The staff are extremely helpful and have all the equipment one could possibly need. I would recommend this space to anyone. Leni W.

Yolando Mitchel Brown and her team are incredible! A beautiful space with all the resources you need to make your workshop, class or podcast a huge success .It’s been very difficult to find a reasonably priced location that has plenty of FREE parking and TECHNICAL support and equipment I could use on the spot if I forgot something. I’m easily able to interface my presentations, display my sides on teleprompter, etc. using her Apple TV which is a HUGE PLUS. Now that she is offering a membership with support from her Production team, I’ve signed up to do my Branding and Camera Ready classes as well as produce tv projects Uround2 and Gen Us right here! Come check it out and I promise you will be joining me! Roz!

I love everything about this space at InaviZion Media! My guests feel very comfortable when they come through the doors. It makes shooting a podcast or meeting with clients feel and look very professional! I’ll be using the space to host fitness retreats in the future as well! So glad to have found this charming gem. Nataly Tavidian, Podcaster, Reporter, Writer


I shot a crowdfunding video at Invazion Media and it was the perfect space for our needs. Yolando was wonderfully accommodating and could not have been kinder or easier to work with. She was patient and helpful and trusted us to take care of her space (which we were careful to do, of course). Thank you! Leonora
I absolutely love this place! The staff was great and very friendly. They were very helpful and have created such a great space for creatives. I definitely recommend this place! Esi