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What I Believe

As a creator myself, I believe that creators should not only have creative freedom but financial freedom. I needed more than office space in order to grow into my vision. Money and space was always an issue. This is why I created a membership package that included coworking space, a room for meetings, and podcasting. There are smart TVs, folding chairs and tables, a podium, a DSLR camera and more. There are no hidden fees or no red tape. All of the prices are listed online.

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Come in for a free day of coworking and find out

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As a member, you will access to our all-inclusive

benefits and perks.


Your membership will include a space for meetings,

a room for podcasting, and hours for a yearly event.


Our membership package is designed for members

to succeed at an affordable price.

Over 100 Events

Our weeknights and weekends were filled with art shows, castings, classes, popups, book signings, job fairs, workshops. 

100% Organic

Our first year in business was 100% word of mouth. 

There are global workplaces, I won’t name them here but you know who they are. And there is My Creative Space

– Cyr-Modeste Mongo

Welcoming, customizable and full of positive energy, my creative space is the right place for companies of all sizes looking for a collaborative space where they can create, get inspired and produce their best work.

– Cyr-Modeste Mongo

We are a startup and we use my creative space every-time we need a meeting space, have shoots, podcasts or just want to sit down and brainstorm.

– Cyr-Modeste Mongo

My creative space team is professional, friendly, helpful and the owner Yolando is just an angel. It is a no brainer, I highly recommend my creative space

– Cyr-Modeste Mongo