Our Story

Since 2015

My Creative Space

My Creative Space story started with the statement, “this isn’t your space.” Those in control at the studio where we shot our show thought our production was too big for them. We were producing our talk show Every Way Woman at a local studio in Pasadena, CA. This particular production was our biggest and most important one to date. As soon as I heard the words to get out I knew that it was time to close this chapter of my creative journey. We began thinking about space. We wrapped up our season in November of 2014.

We needed space. We needed space to shoot our show. We were tired of traveling from location to location. Each owner had a new set of unwritten costs and rules. In August of 2015, we open Inavizion Media.

It’s important to us that there’s affordable space available for creatives. We needed spaceIn.  In reality we needed was creative freedom.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a space with no limits. The goal is to build an affordable multiplex campus for creatives to create. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to help other creatives achieve their goals without having to worry about money. My Creative Space believes that an entrepreneur with a vision should have creative and financial freedom. By creating affordable plans for its members. My Creative Space believes that creatives should be free to grow without worrying about money.

Our Values

We value freedom. We value ideas and thinkers.

Our Story

Over the Years



In September of 2014, I was producing my talk show Every Way Woman at a studio in Pasadena, CA. One of the directors came to me and said “you know Yolando this isn’t your space.” He was right.


Inavizion Media

On August 1 we open Inavizion Media. CA. For three years I created OTT content at Inavizion Media in Pico Rivera, CA.



Inavizion Media relocated to Burbank, CA. We had to change the name because our neighbor has a similar name.


The Campus

The goal is to open a multi-complex equipped with a sound stage, creative space, and television studio for independent creative partners.

Donald Brown


creative entrepreneur is someone who uses their creative or intellectual knowledge and skills to earn a living, usually in a business or as a freelancer.

Yolando Mitchell Brown


As a creator myself, I believe that creators should not only have creative freedom but financial freedom. I needed more than office space in order to grow into my vision. Money and space was always an issue.

Ask My Creative Space a question

We held an event here recently and we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect and beautiful creative space! The main meeting area is comfy with a great layout and there’s a podcast room! The owner Yolando, is an incredibly sweet woman who was very professional, responsive and accommodating throughout the whole booking process. There’s plenty of parking, the location is convenient and we will definitely be coming back to do more events! Thank you!!

Marilyn Camacho


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